State v. Odell A. (9/11/15)

People v. Naqvi (9/11/15)

Rivas Decision (on front page NY Law Journal 3.11.2015)

Muniz v. NYSDOCS (on front page NY Law Journal 3.22.12)

Greaves v. State of NY (on front page NY Law Journal 12.8.11)

Dillon v. Conway (on front page NY Law Journal 4.27.11)

US v. Woltmann (on front page NY Law Journal 7.8.10)


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The legal world is complex and challenging. The attorneys at L&A have the depth of skill and experience necessary for successful outcomes. We maintain the highest ethical and professional standards of the legal profession. We are also conscious of the cost of litigation and take every measure to limit those costs to you.

At L&A the attorney client relationship is built on mutual respect and trust. Our attorneys, paralegals, and other staff members genuinely care about our clients and their legal problems. Our tenacity to succeed for our clients, and our high standards of ethics, are the reasons why so many of our clients refer other people to us, and why you should want us on your side. We are committed to protecting your rights and ensure your peace of mind. We will help you and your family through the difficult and stressful process to obtain the best possible result.

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