Commerical Law

Mr. Langone holds an advanced law degree in the areas of commercial law and taxation. He has a strong background in the Uniform Commercial Code, including Article 2 (Sale of Goods), Article 3 (Negotiable Instruments), and Article 9 (Secured Transactions). He also knows bankruptcy law and arbitration.

Mr. Langone's litigation skills encompass the criminal, civil and commercial spheres of the law. He draws on his vast body of legal knowledge to think outside the box to assist his clients, when necessary.

L&T has a team of notable financial and tax experts that assist in providing the highest quality representation to our clients.

At L&T, we have programs and systems in place to enable us to organize vast amounts of data for easy access both in the office and offsite (e.g., at a trial).

Plaintiff or defense, we are here to be both a sword and a shield for our clients. Our motto is: "Leave no stone unturned."