Patrice Langone

Patrice Langone is a Paralegal and Office Manager at L&A. Patrice earned her Paralegal Certificate from Long Island University, and a Bachelor’s Degree from SUNY Empire College.

At L&A we make every effort to bill the client at the lowest possible rate. The use of paralegals, billed at a significantly lower rates than attorneys, can result in big savings to the client. Thus, in cases going to trial, Patrice assists counsel in preparing the matter for trial. Similarly, in appellate matters, Patrice prepares the “record on appeal.” Preparing the “record on appeal” for an appellate court can be as costly as the appeal itself. That’s why we prepare most records on appeal “In House,” obviating the need to employ outside appellate printing services, and thereby saving our clients thousands of dollars in appellate printing costs.

Compassion for our clients is a paramount concern at L&T. For eight years prior to joining L&A, Patrice was Director of Development for Visiting Nurse Services of Suffolk County. Patrice brings the medical model of care and concern to the practice of law.