“Garraige” instead of “Marriage” may avoid confusion

Posted in Uncategorized on November 19th, 2013 by rlangone

Why don’t we call gay marraige another word, such as “garraige”? The word “marraige” has biblical and historic understanding of being the union on man and woman. Giving same sex couples all the same rights is equal justice for all. By referring to same sex unions by another word such as “garraige” would prevent confusion among children when speaking about their parents to other kids, and adults when couples meet other couples for the first time. That way, we do away with every conversation starting or ending with, “my parents are gay”or “they are a gay couple.” Simply saying they are “garried,”for example, instead of married, would dispel confusion and hopefully end the unfair and unequal treatment of same sex marriages.

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